Becoming The Shadow – Figurative Oil Painting – Jonathan Brier


UK Figurative Artist & Oil Painter

Know for the unfinished elements present in his Paintings, his work suggests vulnerability and at the damaged nature of his subjects. He creates a sense of a distorted reality, things look beautiful on the surface but these partially exposed subjects hold a depth of brokenness. There is a subtle insight as to their feelings but there is clearly more beyond that isn’t revealed… there is a hint of sadness but it is not without hope, a wistful romance, an ambiguous longing, vulnerability with an element of shame…

Based in Wrexham, North Wales, Jonathan is a self-taught Realism based painter working to find a way of presenting his thoughts in an honest yet aesthetically alluring way. He creates evocative Oil Paintings of the human form in a Classic Figurative Tradition, coupled with a Contemporary twist, often with a subtle darkness present. 

At times these ghostly figures hide in and amongst their the worn and time-beaten surroundings, battling to maintain an existence.

Nothing is resolved just an ongoing struggle, offering little but a suggestion of what might be…


Figurative Art

First and foremost I guess I am a Realistic Figurative Painter. My default is to include a human figure of some form or another in my Art, it just seems natural. Abstraction has gradually become part of the mix as I have become more comfortable making decisions based on my ability. Initially adding texture and leaving unfinished areas, was more to do with presentation and the aesthetics of a piece. This helped to create a mood and emotion in a painting but over time it has evolved into a means to include a more diverse, less linear narrative to my work.

Abstract Realism allows me to present the relatable human qualities of the subject juxtaposed against a contextual dreamlike backdrop of broken and disjointed imagery,

Creativity only exists within boundaries and although it sounds counter-intuitive to try to define yourself, especially as an Artist, the perception of being free to do anything is not as liberating as pushing the boundaries of your constraints. Abstract Figurative Realism is how I choose to describe my current work because it helps me to concentrate and focus on a subject while my imagination attempts to distract me with alternative and infinite possibilities 


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Figurative Art

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