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Brier Art

Jonathan Brier Figurative Artist

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UK Figurative Artist & Oil Painter

Know for the unfinished elements present in his Paintings and Figurative Art, his work suggests vulnerability and at the damaged nature of his subjects. Brier creates a sense of a distorted reality, things look beautiful on the surface but these partially exposed subjects hold a depth of brokenness. There is a subtle insight as to their feelings but there is clearly more beyond that isn’t revealed… there is a hint of sadness but it is not without hope, a wistful romance, an ambiguous longing, vulnerability with an element of shame…

Based in Wrexham, North Wales, Jonathan is a self-taught Realism based painter working to find a way of presenting his thoughts in an honest yet aesthetically alluring way. He creates evocative Oil Paintings of the human form in a Classic Figurative Tradition, coupled with a Contemporary twist, often with a subtle darkness present.

At times these ghostly figures hide in and amongst their the worn and time-beaten surroundings, battling to maintain an existence.

Nothing is resolved just an ongoing struggle, offering little but a suggestion of what might be…